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  • My name is Kate McGarry and I am a graphic designer.

    I have recently completed a BA Honours Degree in Visual Communications at Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD). Throughout my four years of study at LSAD, I have developed valuable skills in concept development, creative design and art direction as well as learning competency in software such as the Adobe Creative Suite. The course covered a wide range of disciplines including branding, identity design, animation, photography, video, web design, packaging and editorial design with a variety of interesting briefs.

    As a graphic designer, I enjoy working across a mixed media platform including print, photography, typography and illustration in order to develop appropriate and innovative design solutions. I consider myself to be a hardworking, dedicated and professional individual with a passionate interest in all aspects of design. I pride myself on my teamwork, time-management, communication and presentation skills.

    Featured project is a vector style portrait of myself created during an lesson in using Adobe Illustrator.